Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Advice

Today's advice is short, but wise:

Don't get out of shape, it's a bitch once you try to get back to where you were. -Mark

Spent my first time at the gym in way too long. Being a work out junkie in my younger years, (oh so many years ago) I always figure it will be easy to jump back up that horse, I was wrong. Wow, long road ahead. Going to be starting a diet for the first time of my entire life. I doubt this will last.

The Main Event:


Till next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

With Superbowl XLIV upon us, this story I read in the paper a few days ago couldn't have come at a better time. Kyle DeVan played football at the University at which I am currently enrolled at. I would normally say attend, but let's be honest, how often do we go to class anyways?

He was a standout lineman that was picked up, and dropped by several NFL teams because scouts told him he was "too small." Geezus, this kid is 6'2" 306 lbs. He could eat me and still have room for a small Honda.

Let's get to the important part. Because of his rough time staying with teams, he ended up going back to his hometown and living with his parents house to substitute teach. Not exactly a college graduate's cup of tea.

Never giving up, he makes his way through the ranks and eventually earns himself a starting spot in 9 of the 15 Indiana Colts' games this season. Guess who's in the Superbowl, The Colts and the Saints. He's starting for the team that will most likely win the superbowl, quite possibly the most recognized sporting even in America.

This really makes me think about myself when I came to college, I choose to come to a university with a great baseball program where I was planning on walking on, and then the following years, they won two national championships. Why didn't I go for it? Probably would have never seen the field, but trying out wouldn't have hurt. What stood in my way? Actually, myself...

My advice to anyone and everyone that may read this, could be no one, but if just one person benefits from this, then I have done my job. Do not give up on any dreams you may have, even if it doesn't seem possible. Because you know what? You'll regret every day what you didn't take the initiative to do it when you had the chance.

I can't really give this story the justice it deserves, so take a look at the actual article listed below. To any athlete that wanted more, or anyone that enjoys a good underdog story, it's worth a read.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Welcome to my attempt at creating a semi informative, possibly humorous, occasionally artistic, and slightly coherent version of a Blog that hopefully you'll enjoy stopping by from time to time.

Due to certain laws of procrastination and laziness, we'll see how often I'll actually update this. Knowing me, I'll probably get into it, or this may be my last post. Like I said, we'll see! Haha